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Duker's Dills Hot Pickles - 2lb. Jar
Duker's Dills Hot Pickles - 1lb. Jar
Duker's Dills Hot Pickle Relish
Duker's Dills Hot Carrots
Duker's Dills Hot Tomatoes
Rose's Rosemary Lemon Beans
Rose's Rosemary Lemon Asparagus
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Based on an old family recipe, Our Favorite Foods makes absolutely delicious pickles in Portland, Oregon.  Try our full line of pickles: Duker's Dills Hot Pickles, Hot Pickle Relish, Hot Tomatoes, Hot Carrots, Rose's Rosemary Lemon Beans, and our brand NEW product, Rose's Rosemary Lemon Asparagus. The ingredients for our artisan pickles are locally sourced from Portland-area farmers whenever possible and hand-packed with care.  Our pickles are available online and at several retailers in Oregon and Washington.
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