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Duker's Dills Hot Pickles - 2lb. Jar
Duker's Dills Hot Pickles - 1lb. Jar
Duker's Dills Hot Carrots
Duker's Dills Hot Tomatoes
Rose's Rosemary Lemon Asparagus - 16oz. Jar
Rose's Rosemary Lemon Beans - 16oz. Jar
Rose's Rosemary Lemon Beans - 29oz. Jar
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Based on an old family recipe, Our Favorite Foods makes absolutely delicious pickles in Portland, Oregon.  Try our full line of pickles: Duker's Dills Hot Pickles, Hot Pickle Relish, Hot Tomatoes, Hot Carrots, Rose's Rosemary Lemon Beans, and Rose's Rosemary Lemon Asparagus. The fresh ingredients for our artisan pickles are locally-sourced whenever possible and hand-packed with care.  Our pickles are available online and at several retailers in Oregon and Washington.
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